Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, I don't know if you heard, but it's snowing in Chicago right now. I'm just glad people aren't overreacting. Midwinter (my denomination's annual pastors' meeting) is also happening out at the O'Hare Hyatt, and there should have been some type of drinking game devised today around the words "stuck," "snowpocalypse," "stranded," "blizzard," "flight delays," "thunder snow," and "whiteout." Although, if there was such a game, the hotel would have been filled with passed-out/belligerent pastors. My joke was to go up to a group of friends pretending to talk on my cell phone while urgently shouting all of these buzz words in a stream-of-conscience/word salad kind of way. The drive home from the hotel wasn't actually too bad. For me, it's much easier to drive when there's a lot of snow than when its really icy. At least you can better predict how your car is going to react and slide.

Now, I am at home with a 2 Below (a New Belgium beer that seemed appropriate) watching Ken Burns' Jazz documentary laying on the couch with the blanket and pillow from my bed. It's pretty wonderful, and I don't intend to move for some time.

On Monday, I did something I've never done before; I shopped at an art store (Dick Blick to be exact). I needed to pick up supplies for an artist in our church community who was going to make some art for the sanctuary (don't think felt banners!). Well, if ever I get to prideful, that can be cured by going into an art store. Even walking in with a list didn't help. I walked around for a few minutes staring helplessly at all the different paints before I finally humbled myself and asked for help. I'm sure I sounded like a uncultured neanderthal grunting, "ME...NEED... PAINT!" So, the guy took me by the figurative hand and helped me find all that I needed. The trip ended up taking much longer than I originally planned, but I think it was successful.

Well, I'm tired.

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