Monday, February 21, 2011

Church Signs, Nyvall Quote, and The Piggery

So, there's a church that I pass quite a bit, and the only sign on the outside of the church is "Remember St. _______ in your will." This sign rubs me the wrong way. First, it is the only sign outside of the church. There's no, "Welcome to St. ______ parish," or even "Jesus loves you!" So, the only thing you have to say to the outside world is that you're looking for some mammon. To me, this says, "Hello all who may be looking for hope or good news. What we really need is your cash." They better watch out, or a Middle-Eastern man may break in and overturn some tables and drive some people out. I mean, they probably are hard up for cash. My brother has this theory that every large Catholic church is required to have scaffolding outside.

So, I'm reading Scott Erickson's biography/dissertation on David Nyvall and I came across my favorite quote/what I want to make my quote for my future academic life:
"God grant that some pious Bible-loving Christians were just as wise as they are hot. God grant that some higher critics were less sharp-witted. Oh, if [only] by some divine magic, clearness and warmth went always together, if great brains were always warmed by great hearts, and great hearts always enlightened by great brains."

I really love that last part (I mean, I did italicize it). Great brains and great hearts should always go together.

So, there's a restaurant up the street from me called The Piggery, and I think that's just a terrible name. Who wants to eat at a place that makes you feel obese simply by saying where you're going to eat? I mean, I wouldn't want to say, "Oh, hey, do you want to grab some food? I'm thinking we should go to Fatty-Bo-Batty's, or would you rather go to Lard House?

Do you ever get W-2's and think, "I don't remember ever working for you this year?" That happened to me this year. I don't remember getting paid by North Park, but I must have at some point. Just one more W-2 to insert into TurboTax and pray I don't get audited because I have no idea what TurboTax does with all of these numbers I'm entering.

Okay, I'm reading before heading to bed. By One Spirit is calling my name.

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  1. Well, I think you can rule out a career in the hospitality industry as far as naming the restaurant goes. But I agree, that is a terrible name for a restaurant. Reminded me of the scene in "A Christmas Story" when the mother kept asking the little brother, "Who's my little piggy? What sound does a pig make?" Blah.