Friday, February 11, 2011

Reimbursements, Crying, David Nyvall, and Birthday Parties: My Future Biography Title

One thing I really have trouble with is turning in receipts for reimbursement. You think when money was on the line, I would, as a poor grad student, be much more proactive in turning these in to get the money back in the checking account ASAP. On the one hand, it's good not to be too attached to money; on the other, I act as if I have a bunch of extra cash lying around to burn. Yesterday I finally gathered a bunch of receipts and will be getting a $200 check. So, on the bright side, it's kind of like a savings account right?

I don't know what is wrong with me, but lately I have been a big crybaby. I think one of the catalysts for my emotions is the organ. I think I've started crying three times during the past week when a hymn is sung in worship with organ accompaniment (during Midwinter, last night's hymn sing, and watching a documentary the other night). Yet, as professor Phil Anderson says, Sometimes you just "sing a verse, cry a verse."

I think it's time for me to get another bookcase. Mine is completely full, as is my upright piano. Right now there are...let me count...74 books on my piano. There is one row lined up against the wall, but most of the books are stacked vertically in ugly piles that might be getting a shade unruly.

My new hero is Covenant pioneer and former North Park president David Nyvall. It's amazing to read his writings from almost a hundred years and see someone who will not give in to the dualistic temptation to make faith either wholly emotional or wholly intellectual. He stakes his claim as an intellectual pietist whose faith is enhanced by intellectual endeavors and science rather than threatened by it. It is another reminder to me why I am in the Covenant Church because he represents what the Covenant Church is at its best. I'm reading his biography right now, and it is wonderful. Here's the picture of him that hangs in our Seminary building, Nyvall hall (obviously named after him):

I really need to get out of bed and go for a run. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I mean, I'm not even sure the spirit is willing at this point.

Oh, and you are all invited to my joint birthday party with Joe Schupbach, Sarah Bauer, and Imron Bhatti entitled, "I Wear My Sunglasses in Lava." Here is the promotional material that Joe made:

Yes, that is me second from the left. The party is Feb. 26th at Spyner's Pub (4623 N. Western) starting at 8. You should come. That's all!


  1. never stop writing. i love it.

  2. I'm impressed that your birthday party has a title. This is genius!
    You are invited to my birthday entitled: Threat Level: Midnight. (still working on the promotional flyers) :-P

  3. I will never cease to laugh...ever, when i see that picture of you