Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars, Covenant History, and Thesis

So, I have to admit that much about the Oscars does very little for me. The glitz and glamour of the red carpet usually invokes thoughts of how much money is wasted at such events that could be better spent elsewhere or how shallow the whole thing is. I especially dislike the whole parasitic paparazzi industries that bottom feed off such events (I'm looking at you E!), making money off of making fun of/praising people's clothes (I'm looking at you Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne). Yet, beneath the layers of fabrication, I do believe there is some type of artistic endeavors that should be praised. I like the sound mixers and editors that get their moment in the sun for perfecting their craft; I like usually well-scripted people giving acceptance speeches when they truly are floored and speechless.I like the idea of people trying to make something beautiful and transcendent through film. So, yesterday I went to John and Lindsey Robinson's house for an Oscar party. My reflections:
1. I need to see The King's Speech.
2. James Franco was on a muscle-relaxant or narcotic drug of some type. I sometimes wondered if he was comatose or if it was some type of Weekend at Bernie's skit.
3. I like Randy Newman.
4. Helena Bonham Carter can do whatever she wants.
5. I ate appetizers at the party like a bear storing up calories for hibernation.

I'm meeting with my thesis advisors - Phil Anderson and Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom - to discuss chapter 3 today. Hopefully there won't be too many changes, and I can move on to the final chapter!

I think I have decided to do my Covenant History and Theology final paper on First Covenant Church in Duluth and the Bjorlin family's role in its inception/community life throughout the years. Here's a picture of the church:

I realize more and more that as much as I learn about the history of this world, the Church, and my denomination, I know very little about my own family history, especially on my Dad's side. So, this is step one in rectifying my familial ignorance.

31 days until the Twins opener!

Okay, I am going to get on with my day: meeting, running, reading, eating. This sums up about 80% of my days.


  1. Have fun with that... First Cov is def. an interesting place!!! :)

  2. My reflections about the Oscars are all exactly the same as yours. Weird. Except that I would add that while James Franco was high, Anne Hathaway was on speed.