Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Side View Mirror Fail, The End of Dibs, and Budgets

I forgot to mention this in previous posts, but on Wednesday of last week my side view mirror was smashed while parked up by Loyola. Let me set the scene: I just walked out of this gorgeous chapel on Lake Michigan where I participated in an ethereal taize service and was feeling at peace with the world and generally at ease. Nothing maintains that contemplative mood like walking out to see your side view mirror smashed without a note from the offender. Needless to say, the short sentences of praise that are repeatedly sung throughout the taize service were replaced by other less worshipful short sentences. If I ever find the person who did this, I swear I will...give them a dirty look...provided they are looking the other way. Take that, hit-and-runner!

"Ding Dong the Dibs are Dead!" (sing to the tune of "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead.") The Trib is reporting that the city finally put down the gauntlet and said that dibs must end, noting that it will begin clearing "any remaining debris" from the streets. As usual, the city's about a week and a half behind, but I'll take it. I just thought it was my duty to report the end of this abominable practice.

I remember at North Park when Marva Dawn came and talked about how budgets were moral documents. I can't help but thinking that Obama's already deep cuts on social programs will be even deeper when a budget is "compromised" with Republicans. It seems that this budget will be balanced on the backs of the poor, as the saying goes.

I have written the first two pages of my third chapter on my thesis meaning I have officially started all parts of it! Now all I have to do is finish it. What I'm really nervous about is sending my first two chapters to the Seminary Librarian (Norma) so she can check my footnotes. I'm sure she'll find a plethora of problems, as I tend to view footnoting as more of an art than a science, doing what feels right.

Okay, I'm going to read some Nyvall and go to bed. Later.


  1. You have been a blogging fool lately! It's all been great though, so have no fear about boring us (I'm sure you didn't). And as long as you use fantastic phrases like "plethora of problems" in your thesis, I'm sure it will be all good!

  2. you get me every time. the mirror story. it can be in the chapter titled "If I ever find the person who did this, I swear I will...give them a dirty look," full of other similiar stories.