Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Thoughts on Dibs

Okay, a few more thoughts on parking dibs, and then I swear I'm done. It's turning me into a vigilante.
1. It's a week later; this is too long to have your garbage in public streets. At this point, Chicago sanitation should assume all things on the street is garbage and toss it.
2. Okay, I know I'm getting a little too into it, but in a culture that is already so privatized, what does it say that we are now claiming the public (the street) as private as well? If I pick up garbage in a park, does that mean I get to claim that spot as my own? Should I cordon off that area as mine because I did a public service for the public good? No!
3. Calling dibs in antithetical to healthy community and general neighborliness (as is not shoveling anything at all if you are able-bodied). I'm going to write a book called It Takes a Village to Clear a Street.
4. Above all, I'm a hypocrite. The only reason this bothers me so much is because it inconveniences me and makes parking difficult when I commute to school. Yet, I feel as if the critiques are valid nonetheless.

Okay, I promise that is the last word on parking dibs.

This is a sad statement, but one of the small joys of my grad school life is long appendices, endnotes, and indexes in required reading. There is nothing better than being assigned a book and flipping to the back to see 100 pages are unnecessary, shortening your reading significantly. This is especially -- and obviously-- true for those books that aren't really stimulating the imagination. I mean, there's something gratifying about large chunks of footnotes too because of how fast you can flip through the pages. I guess the difference between endnotes and footnotes is kind of the difference between delayed and instant gratification.

Chapter 2 has been okayed on the thesis, so I'm moving on to chapter 3! It's always good to find that your work has not been in vain. Now begins the next large chunk of research before the writing of the next chapter.

Okay, that's all. Tonight I'm going to go to a taize service, Friday to a hymn sing, and Saturday to Chicago Shakespeare Theater's As You Like It. So plenty to look forward to if I can find parking!



  1. huh. I always thought you were supposed to read those footnotes. Who knew? Thanks Dave. This is going to save me tons(1) of time.

    (1) If you don't read footnotes you will fail out of school.

  2. "It Takes a Village to Clear a Street," I'll buy the first copy.

  3. I think your #3 point re: dibs should have a footnote referring to my comment on your last post.

    I'm interested in what you think of the taize service. Andrew and I went to one as part of the worship when we were in Scotland with the Iona Community. We loved it.

  4. Yes, Amy, you're right (as usual!).

  5. I will buy your book if you have a large amount of foot/endnotes,an appenix, suggested reading,and perhaps a group study guide.