Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shower Heads, Workshops, and Nearing the End

As I've progressed through my life, one thing that has continued to be important to me is shower head placement and angles. First, low shower heads are a real drag. No one wants to duck to take a shower. To me, I go with the maxim, "the higher the better." Second, I have found that the shower head needs to be centered. I think it throws of the fung shui of the shower experience when your body is off-centered or too close to the front/back of the shower.

Today I was in a workshop with Drs. Todd Johnson (former North Park faculty and now head of Fuller's new worship Ph.D.), Lester Ruth (just got a position at Duke), Ruth Duck (Garrett- wrote the hymns "Arise Your Light is Come" and "Lead On, O Cloud of Presence"), and Mark Torgerson (Judson- expert on worship architecture). I'm sure that doesn't mean much to many, but they are some of the best scholars in liturgical studies. It was pretty great.

Yesterday I finished up my J-term paper, which officially ends my last J-term class at NPTS. Now, I only have two more classes to finish up plus a thesis and the semester/masters is complete! The end is drawing near...Keep your lampstands lit; it will come like a thief in the night; don't be caught sleeping; two master's students were walking up a hill/grinding wheat, one disappeared the other was left standing. As DC Talk sang, "I wish we'd all been ready." Here's that very song from the terrible and terrifying movie that still haunts my dreams, Thief in the Night.

A bad movie with even worse theology. I think I should have a showing of this at my house very soon...and here's to my complete stream of consciousness that led to that clip.

Dear Muammar Qaddafi,
You should leave.

I think if there's two things I inherited from my parents it's an addiction to ice cream (from Deano) and Diet Coke (MJ). I mean, there are much worse addictions you could have.

This has been one of my most random and fragmented posts in a long time. You're welcome.

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