Sunday, February 20, 2011

WXRT, Covers, and Smart Wool

You know what I've been really loving lately? WXRT. For those of you not familiar, WXRT is a Chicago radio station that tunes in at 93.1 on your FM dial. It plays a ton of great new rock/indie stuff plus some great classic rock that might not be a little more obscure than what is played on WDRV (The Drive). On Friday they had an "Under the Covers" day where they played nothing but covers of great songs. It was wonderful. My favorite covers:
1. Twist and Shout- The Beatles. There version is by far superior to the original by the Isley brothers.
2. All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix. Love the original and love the classic.
3. Hurt - Johnny Cash. Who knew he could pull off Nine Inch Nails? Give it a listen.

4. With a Little Help from My Friends- Joe Cocker. I do think it may even be superior to the Beatles version. Sorry, Ringo!
5. Stairway to Heaven - Dolly Parton. Okay, not really, but she does do a version, and you should listen to it. It's crazy. Oh, don't worry, here it is.

6. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine. I like it better than Postal Service's, that's for sure.
7. Sanctuary- Red Horse. This Eliza Gilkyson song is taken to greater heights by Lucy Kaplansy in Red Horse (a band which includes Gilkyson).
8. The Water Is Wide- John Gorka. I don't know if you can cover a traditional song, but I love this one.

That's all I can think of right now. There are many Beatles covers that I think are pretty great like Across the Universe's rendition of "Let It Be" or Stevie Wonder's "We Can Work It Out," but I've done a list of favorite Beatles covers on a previous post.

Today before church I was overturning my closet and hamper looking for one of my smart wool socks. Seriously, I was like the woman searching for the lost coin or the guy trying to find the pearl of great price in the Bible. And really, it's not that bad of an analogy because with inflation and whatnot, that gold coin might not pay for two smart wool socks in this day and age. Those things are pricey!

I finished a rough draft of my third chapter! So, now a meeting with my co-advisors (Michelle and Phil) and hopefully I'll get to working on a draft of chapter 4. Well, I'm going to take a nap. Preaching can really take it out of you! Later.

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