Thursday, January 27, 2011

Church Cleaning Day and Liturgical Mishaps

Today, I spent about an hour sorting through and putting away all the music that I had been throwing into a pile in the worship closet. Anytime this pile begins needing structural reinforcement to stand or poses a major fire hazard (a falling candle would turn that pile into a pyre!), I figure it is about time to organize it. This usually involves organizing the music over the first two rows of chairs in the sanctuary while listening to some good music.

Also, between yesterday and today I probably spent three or four hours putting together and writing liturgy for Sunday around the theme of "Carrying God's Light" because we are having a missionary speak on Sunday and are venturing off the lectionary. So, I had put together a call to worship, a prayer of thanksgiving, a bulletin cover, the song order, etc., when I realized that two weeks from Sunday, the text we are focusing on is the later parts of Matthew 5: "Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." So, back to the drawing board for Sunday! At least I have the bulletin almost done for February 13th.

I'm going to the CSO tonight for some Mozart piano concertos and to Old Town School of Folk for a John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky, and Eliza Gilkyson concert! It's going to be a good weekend!

My take on the State of the Union Responses by Republicans/Tea Partiers:
1. Michelle Bachman, look at the camera when you speak...and then resign. You give Minnesota a bad name.
2. Paul Ryan, take off all the lapel flair; you're not working at TGI Fridays.

Sometimes when I'm at the gym up at school, I want to walk around to all the treadmills and turn them up about one-two mile per hour. Some people just amble on those things like they're out for a stroll in the park. Get moving! These are probably the same people drinking zero calorie sports drinks. Okay, now I need to get moving on planning another service for this week.

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