Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vikings/Packers, Yvonne Eider, and Side Notes

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Well, the Vikings vs. Packers game was at least not a total blowout. It started out looking like we had a chance, but that's how you know the Vikings are in trouble. This second half we began by implementing our patented implosion strategy, where we lay down on defense and self-destruct on offense to form a perfect storm of terribleness. No one can lose to us when we set our phasers to implode. I know it's supposed to catch the other team off guard when you pass on first down, but when you have the best running back in the league, please run the ball. However, we did show some signs of life towards the end, and Ponder looked like he could be a pretty good QB in the coming years. Also, they were the Super Bowl champs last year; I'm just glad we were in this one (at least that's what I'm telling myself now that the game is over).

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Yvonne Eider at Duluth Gospel Tabernacle. She was a Sunday school and Missionette (our Wednesday night program - and granted a weird name if you didn't grow up with it as normal) teacher for over thirty years. While she never had her own biological children, she impacted thousands at DGT and beyond. It reminded me that while evangelicals place so much (too much) emphasis on marriage, it was because Yvonne was single that she could pour herself into the lives of her extended family and more importantly, her church family. She was a constant present at the church and in her family, and I have many fond memories involving her and the rest of the Eider family. She will be missed.

On a much less important and silly note, I was reminded that Minnesotans know how to feed people at church. You should have seen the hotdishes (Minnesota-speak for casseroles), jello, and bars that overflowed the tables. There were two tater tot hotdishes! I mean, it would no doubt have been a tough meal for any vegetarian or someone watching their carbs, but that did not apply to me.

The new voice command features on the iPhone kind of creep me out. A phone shouldn't know that much. Plus, it's probably somehow connected to the mark of the beast. Just sayin'.

I'm glad they're adding bacon to the KFC dinner bowl. I was worried that there wasn't pain radiating up my left arm the last time I ate the one without bacon.

Speaking of health, I think I'm going to sign up for the Chicago Polar Dash Half Marathon on January 14th. This will give me the perfect reason to both run further than three miles and run outside during the winter. I mean, if my mom can run year-round in Duluth/Breckenridge, I can do it in Chicago. So, let's do this! Plus, it's on Saturday, so I don't have to take off a Sunday to run!

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  1. Your "Missionettes" comment reminds me of the abnormality of calling your grandma "grandma nibbles" too...unless of course you grew up with it.