Friday, October 21, 2011

Hoarders, Internet Discoveries, and Vaca Update

So, last night Luke and Chelsey were watching "Sister Wives" up in my room before bed while I played Angry Birds on their iPad. When the time came for bed, they both went downstairs but left the TV on. I continued playing away until I noticed that a new show had come on: "Hoarders." I have never seen it before and never want to see it again. I think the images of the woman's house will haunt my sleep and suck out my soul like a dementor. It's amazing how OCD can cause one person to keep their house spotless while provoking another to store every bit of crap they've ever laid their hands on until their house looks like it just landed in Oz after being lifted and spun in a tornado. There might even be a dead witch under the boxes of crap, who knows? It gives me the willies. I'm just glad it wasn't an animal hoarding episode.

One discovery at my parents' house that I forgot to mention: my mom apparently stores her canned homemade salsa in the closet of the bathroom. It's an interesting experience to be searching for a towel and instead see jar upon jar of salsa in the place where everyone comes to discard their waste.

I find it disturbing how much people want to revel in the details of a death - even if it is a cruel dictator. There's something terribly morbid about viewing photos of the body and reading the play-by-play of his capture. Even if you think this is a good thing, do you think it is something to be celebrating? I guess it's the same way I feel about war: even if you think it is necessary it should never be something we praise as a good in and of itself or something we should celebrate or revel in.

How had I not seen this child giving the pre-game speech from Miracle? Amazing! Seriously, it's worth the watch.

Well, Rush Limbaugh is accusing Obama of killing Christians because he is assisting Ugandas in helping fight the Lord's Resistance Army - a group known for their kidnapping and conscription of children into their army. How much lower can you go, Rush? Maybe you could dig deep into research, say Google "Lord's Resistance Army" to explore what you are talking about before you start the talking part. As usual, leave it to Colbert to point out obvious hypocrisy and just plain craziness:

Last night ended with good friends (including Pam Carlson up from Mahtowa, which obviously included a trip to the Brewhouse before the campfire!) around the campfire eating smores. It doesn't get much better than that. I love going to bed with the smell of campfire smoke on me.

Okay, today is the day to go running along the lake, even if the wind is whipping off the waters and it's 45 degrees. Speaking of running, I have made myself run every day this week because apparently I've decided on this vacation I can eat how ever much I want whenever I want. This is especially great when you end up going out to eat with different people throughout the day. There's something in me that just can't order a salad when I go out to eat.

Finally, I have four rough drafts of essays for my applications! I'm glad I accomplished the one work goal I had for this trip. Now, french toast breakfast with Luke, Chelsey, Katie, and Eric! Living the dream!

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