Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Signs of the Season, Game of Thrones, and Body Sunday

I have to say that one of my favorite signs of the season is when the usually abandoned parking lot a block away from my house starts selling pumpkins. Why? Good question, blog reader. First, it is a sign of my beloved fall. Second, in mid-November the pumpkins are traded for wreaths and Christmas trees, 93.9 turns over to all Christmas songs, and Advent begins at church. It's a magical time all around! Selling pumpkins out of a mobile home in an abandoned lot is the beginning sign of the whole holiday season that I love so dearly. I think this year I will be purchasing a tree to help engender Christmas cheer. Plus, I'm in Chicago all the way through Christmas, so I have time to enjoy it (or it will help me cope while I listen teary-eyed to "I'll Be Home for Christmas" on Christmas Eve with a glass of egg nog...you know, depending on how I'm looking at the proverbial half-filled/half-empty glass on a particular day).

Reading Game of Thrones reminds me of the Ken Follett books, Pillars of the Earth and World without End, which is a good thing in my judgment. The audiobook of World without End got me through much of my marathon training last spring. Speaking of which, I need to sign up for at least a half marathon soon. I'm staying consistent with my running, but without a race to motivate me, I will not take one step over the usual 3 mile route.

I hate when Apple has one of these release days. First, I have to listen to all the techies salivating over their prognostications of what may or may not be released (is it an iPhone 49? Is it 12G? Does it do my laundry while showing me a movie that will be released in 2015?). Then, the day of the announcement you have to hear all about something that really isn't that new, hear people complaining about how it didn't live up to unrealistic expectations (it didn't bring about the coming of the Messiah and the final battle of Armageddon! Why should I bother upgrading!), and then watch the same people go out and get it anyway.

This week at ResCov we are focusing on stewardship of the body and sex. No doubt it will be very interesting, but you may not be surprised to know that there aren't too many songs about body/sex within hymnody and even fewer - if any - in the "contemporary" praise and worship category. So, we may be going with a more general theme of praise and adoration this week...
Although I could probably write some awesome praise song about the body. Let's give it a try:

(To the tune of "Shout to the Lord")
Our bodies, Your Temple,
elbows and knees and feet,
shoulders and eyes,
ankles and thighs,
lift their voice to worship you.

Well, I have a good start on a first verse. Now, I am going to work. Let me know if you have any ideas for songs.