Sunday, October 16, 2011

Live Blogging from Breckenridge

Well, I'm in the basement of Breckenridge watching the Vikings/Bears game on DVR because my mom and I just got back from seeing the The Temptations concert in Fargo. I have had to take evasive action to avoid hearing the score. This has included: not listening to the radio on the way home, having my mom check my text messages to let me know if they were game-related, and having her turn on the TV and play the game from the beginning so I wouldn't accidentally see the score. Honestly, I'm not expecting much from either of these teams. Well, we're down 9-0 and looking pathetic. Awesome.

So, my drive to Breckenridge was fairly uneventful, which is exactly what you want out of a long drive. I am listening to Clash of Kings, the second in the Fire and Ice series (Clash of Kings being the first). I was a bit exhausted having the beautiful wedding of Emily and Ryan Anderson the night before (Congratulations!), so I had to stop for a 20 minute catnap around Tomah.

Tonight's concert was definitely an interesting experience. First, I saw the three people (literally - although on the way out it had grown to about eight) participating in the Occupy Fargo-Moorehead movement on the corner of Broadway and 3rd St. I saw a djembe, which means it's a true movement of the people. I couldn't decided whether it was more inspiring or humorous.

The concert itself was...fine. First, only one of the members is from the original Temptations is still touring with them. So, even calling them "The Temptations" is a bit of a stretch. Second, some of the guys are not moving like they may have been 40 years ago. For instance, some of the moves the bass was doing should probably only be attempted if he is supervised in the aquatic center of an assisted living facility. The choreography also wasn't quite in rhythm. Every once in a while one of them was spinning the wrong way or not quite in time with the rest of the others. When we left, my mom said, "Well, I give that a 4" (out of 10). But it had it's moments and was definitely a fun time.. You forget how many of the songs you know because they are part of the air we breathe.

Oh, now we're at 16-3. I'm going to start the chant; join me if you would like to: "Ponder, Ponder, Ponder!" (the Vikings back-up QB). Oh, wait, I spoke to soon: 24-3. I'm going to start watching it in fast-forward and slow it down if the tide ever turns. I'm not holding my breath. And there's the missed field goal after a 4th and 3 false start. I'm going to bed. Next stop: Duluth!

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