Monday, October 24, 2011

Sides, Driving, and Savings Accounts

Geez, sides are really destroying the competition in our thanksgiving poll. Granted, I couldn't agree more, but still. Truth be told, I could take or leave the turkey. Just fill that plate up with carbs and starch!

My drive home from Duluth, usually a dull and solitary affair, was enlivened by the presence of my brother Stephen sitting shotgun (mostly). Boy, trips go so much faster when you can talk to someone. Topics of conversation included: our individual Duluth experiences from the past few days, a discussion about infant baptism vs. adult baptism, my advice for sustaining seminary student excellence, his occasionally open disdain for Garrison Keillor and twangy folk music, and a run down of his seminary experience up to this point. Granted, there was also the little brother/big brother dynamic that allows him to contribute six dollars for gas (literally six dollars - which almost got us out of Superior) and drive 1/8 of the time, but it was well worth it.

I am officially starting a savings account (which, until it gets above the minimum $300 needed for a free savings account at Chase, will be stored under my mattress (not really under my mattress, but the equivalent)) for a new computer. This mac has served me well for almost four years now, but she is beginning to show signs of wear. For instance, like an elderly person, she will occasionally drift off to sleep in the middle of conversation. Similarly, it takes her a little longer to perform tasks that used to come so easily. The trip up the stairs (i.e. opening an application) that used to take twelve seconds now stretches on and on, sometimes pinwheeling for minutes while I perform other tasks around the house. Finally, cracks have developed around the screen and typing pad. All this to say, I think I will need a new computer before I begin the next chapter of school. So, my first installment of my savings account will come from a full change jar that has been accumulating for almost a year now. I just need to find a bank that will count it and cash it without taking a big cut (I'm looking disdainfully at you, Coinstar).

You know what really grinds my gears? The fact that I basically need to take out a loan to apply for grad schools. $50-$75 per school really begins to add up. Why can't they centralize their application processes into one like the law schools do? That would seem to level the playing field between those who can afford to apply to 10 schools and those who can't. We are the 99% after all! Then you add "official transcripts" and the next thing you know your house is being foreclosed. I've seen it a thousand times.

I just received my rebate from the AT&T phone I bought probably three months ago. I think I actually liked the wait because not it seems like free money. You know, it's like when you buy plane tickets or concert tickets months in advance; by the time the date roles around, it feels like someone gave you free tickets. Maybe the more fiscally responsible don't feel that way, but it sure seems like it to me!

After a run on this beautiful Tuesday morning, it's time for some breakfast. Later.

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