Monday, October 3, 2011

The Scam of Sea Salt, Bikes, and Marimekko's Debt of Gratitude (to Me)

I think one of the biggest scams perpetrated on humanity is "sea salt." You write sea salt on something and then sell it for twice as much. Well, you're not fooling me! That goes for "cracked pepper" as well.

I think bikers are going crazy in this city lately. In the past month I have encountered far too many bikers riding the wrong way down a one way street while I attempt to drive the right way on that street. If bikers want to be legitimate, you have to follow at least the basic rules of the road. I'm not going to begrudge the occasional ran stoplight or rolling stop sign, but come on people! Also, bikes simply should not ride on Ashland. I get anxiety just thinking about trying to pass one of them while simultaneously doing my best to avoid side-swiping the car next to me.

Well, I made it through my jam-packed weekend into a busy Monday, and now I am reaping the much earned rewards by relaxing and reading Game of Thrones. It was one bandwagon I knew I would jump on when I had the chance, and having recently jumped off the Vikings bandwagon that is careening out of control towards a bottomless abyss, I was looking for another bandwagon (I'm not really off the Vikings bandwagon; I'm hopelessly stuck there hoping that I at least find some top draft picks in the depths of the pit of despair.).

I think Marimekko should give me some of the credit for their latest success. After all, I hocked their product like no one's business for a good two years at the Sweden Shop. I would even give customers a little history, telling how Jackie O. bought eight Marimekko dresses back in the 60s leading to its popularity boom on this side of the Atlantic. So, all that to say, You're welcome, Marikmekko. And you can write that check out to David Bjorlin...that's BJ...OR...LIN. Lotta Jansdotter, the same goes for you. Don't look down and try to avoid my eyes! And don't even get me started on any import store that sells tomtes. You know, these:

I remember unpacking and pricing boxes of these things a few Christmases ago. The hardest part was figuring out which was which on the packing list to make sure you got everything. It's hard to tell 100 tomtes apart by little more than the size of the dala horse they carry.

Well, now I am going to go for a run. I ate at Garcia's a little over 3 hours ago, so we'll see if that was a wise decision about a mile in. I'm guessing it's not going to be a great decision, but sometimes you have to remind your body who's boss...or pay the price for overindulgence...or both. That's all.

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