Sunday, September 4, 2011

Been a Long Time Coming

So, I know I've been gone a while; get over it. Yet, without further adieu I think we should talk about some things that have been going on over the past few months.

First, I can't even watch the posturing and lying that supposedly represents congressional leadership, not to mention the Republican primary race that seems to reward crazy and punish sanity. For example, I'm no fan of Tim Pawlenty, but how in the world does he have to drop out before Michelle Bachmann! That absolutely boggles my mind. Needless to say, it's going to be a long election year.

Closer to home, I am getting ready for the GRE by memorizing as many words as I can. All the words start bleeding together, especially those that begin with "im" and "ex." So, September 27th will be the day of reckoning before the application process begins in earnest. Obviously, I'm looking forward to the many tedious hours of filling out online applications and sending too much money for someone to evaluate these applications.

I need to go to Minnesota yesterday. So, I decided fall break is as good of time as any! Also, since Garrison Keillor announced that he will be retiring from A Prairie Home Companion in 2013, I decided that I had delayed my pilgrimage to the Fitzgerald Theater for the show long enough. If all goes as planned, October 15th I will go to A Prairie Home Companion. It also happens to be the week that Gillian Welch will be on the show, which is definitely a win-win in my book. Then, I will head up to Duluth for some time along the banks of Gichigami. I come to these points where a trip to Duluth needs to be on my calendar for my life to feel okay; such is one of those times.

I've also been listening to a lot more jazz music as of late, especially those early sax players like Coleman Hawkins, Johnny Hodges, and Ben Webster. The loose vibrato and rough sound is in my mind exactly what jazz should sound like. Here's a taste of Johnny Hodges playing with Duke:

Any jazz aficionados out there have some suggestions?

It turns out three part-time jobs keep you busy. Who would have guessed? Right now we are in the busy season at World Relief meaning I am getting a lot of hours and also working on my physique. It is nice to work on academic stuff for a few hours and then go and lift some couches. It is a much more measurable job with instant gratification. I'm also getting really good at putting bed frames together.

Other than that, life remains the same. I'm trying to not be discouraged by this but remind myself that in less than one year everything could be in a great state of upheaval that will make me long for the stability of this time. So, here's to embracing the day-to-day routine!

Also, it's going to be 67 degrees here tomorrow. When I saw this, tears of joy began streaming down my face as I eyed the sweaters and flannel in my closet longingly (my vision being blurred by the excessive amounts of tears). We will meet again, my friends.

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  1. I also shared in those tears of joy with the report for today's weather.

    This post reminded me that I had a dream last night that the Prairie Home Companion went to a Covenant Annual Meeting and was cracking jokes about us all like crazy. Seems like it's a good idea if you ask me.