Thursday, November 24, 2011

Live-Blogging: The Day After

So, as your Thanksgiving festivities continue or wrap-up (whatever the case may be) on this Friday, here is my Thanksgiving list.

Things I'm thankful for:
1. First, the obvious ones: family (although I do wish Jess and Isaac were here!), friends, food, faith, and other alliteratively-fitting words.
2. Having work enough to pay my bills and then a bit extra (a wee little bit).
3. Applications for schools that will be turned in next week.
4. Parents that not only brought down my ornaments from Minnesota but also bought me Christmas lights, a tree stand, and a rubbermaid container to begin my own Christmas decorations storage unit. Aren't they the greatest?
5. Advent...Advent...Two days until Advent!
6. Minnesotacare. Thank God for Minnesota socialist health care that provides health care for poor people with preexisting conditions! And, to broaden that, Minnesota in general. "Minnesota, hail to thee, hail to thee our state so dear./Thy light shall ever be a beacon bright and clear!"
7. Alka-seltzer. It's true: "Get yourself some alka-seltzer, and you'll feel better fast." It has been with me on so many heartburning/indigestioning nights including last night.
8. Being able to listen to Christmas music without all the pre-Thanksgiving Yuletide haters and judgers (i.e. an upstairs neighbor who will go unnamed).
9. Christmas approaching, with all of the vacations, parties, and various pleasantries and festivities pertaining thereto.
10. Fans. Helping me sleep since 1991.

Another thanksgiving treat.

Today I am looking forward to a day of Polish breakfast (pierogies, polish sausage, boiled potatoes), shopping at Loome Theological Bookstore (20% off the already-used prices plus $10 off between 10 and 12 a.m.), bowling with the family, watching The Muppets, and probably round the night off with dinner out at some pizza place or an establishment of equal or lesser value.

I need to get married so I can get my own room on family vacations rather than trying to sleep on on air mattress my parents bought that holds air for about five minutes before slowly exhaling as you sink to the ground forcing you to take sofa cushions and lay them out on the floor because you are just three inches too tall for the couch while your sister four years your junior is sawing logs on a real bed in a separate room because she happens to have a ring on the appropriate finger. This is all hypothetical of course and in no way a description of my current state.

Well, while I'm up early and alone in the house this morning, I'm going to finish Sunday's PowerPoint and try to find scripture readers. woo.

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