Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Large Lips, Republican Flops, and Rainy Days

Well, maybe it's the halloween candy I ate over the last few days, but I have developed a nice ole' canker sore right in the center of my upper lip. Now, if you didn't know me before college, you might not know that I was plagued by canker sores growing up, and I don't mean a few small nuisances; these were more ulcers than sores. I think the braces exacerbated an already strong predisposition. I also theorize that it had something to do with adolescence/hormones, but I can't verify this scientifically. I had to develop some truly innovative embouchures (word for the position of your mouth while playing a wind/brass instrument) when playing the saxophone so that I could make it through band without tearing up.

Anyway, I think this is the first one I've had in a while, and it made me wonder how I ever made it in high school. One of the bonuses of such sores is that my already large lips become swollen, especially in the mornings. Today I woke up looking like either Liv/Steven Tyler or Julia Roberts during a crying scene. Exhibit A:

And, from Steel Magnolias, exhibit B:

It's like lips with a side of face. I don't know why I chose to talk about this at such great length, but c'est la vie.

Well, it looks like another possible Republican frontrunner is biting the dust. I don't see Herman Cain bouncing back from three allegations of sexual harassment. Who's going to be flavor of the month for Republicans in November? It seems that just when they get to liking a guy/lady, you find all this footage of the person saying or doing crazy things. For instance, Rick Perry's public drunk dial/muscle relaxant-induced speech that he gave in New Hampshire:

Seriously, what is going on with this guy? Did someone slip him a mickey/roofie? I think the Republicans are just going to have to settle on Romney, even if he is a flip-flopping automaton with a good smile (not to mention the whole Mormon thing, which isn't going to go over well at some of the Focus on the Family meetings).

Well, today is one of those rainy days where the cold water seems to seep into your very being. As such, I think it's the perfect day for reading at home! I don't like these transitional days; let's just have the snow and get to winter already! Okay, off to read.

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