Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rain, A Few More Signs of Aging, and Trips/Jobs

So, you think when it's raining pretty good and your work involves moving furniture, you would find a rain coat or at least bring an umbrella for the walk to and from your car. Not this guy! I'd rather walk around half-sopping and cold-skinned all day (yesterday). I was cold until about 8:30, which is a rare occurrence for me.

Okay, I thought of a few more signs you're aging:
1. The first time you throw out your arm. I used to think something was wrong with my dad when we'd play catch because he'd always be stretching his arm and windmilling it. Then, in gym class my senior year playing a derivative of trench, I threw my arm out. Now, I understand the warm-up.
2. When you start appreciating utilitarian presents for Christmas/birthdays. I remember being enraged that my parents would give me luggage for Christmas my junior year (maybe it was a subtle hint on their plans for me upon graduating!). However, this year I'm asking for a satchel bag and am more than happy to get new sheets, socks, etc.
3. When you can say, "Ten years ago," and have vivid memories at or near adulthood.
4. When 9:30 rolls around and all you can think of is how warm your bed is going to be when you get there.

All Saints' Sunday was really great at church. I think the combination of a bunch of new members, children running around, old members present, and the saints hanging from the wall all hit me at the same time as I was singing. I guess I'm reminded every once in a while that I really like my church, and that's a blessing one shouldn't take for granted. I wonder how many church employees could pass a lie-detector test saying the first part of the previous sentence!

I need a trip to look forward to...besides Minnesota. You know, a block-out-ten-days-six-months-from-now-buy-plane-tickets-and-guide-books kind of trip. So, first I'll have to find a low-security bank to rob or a long-lost, fabulously wealthy great-aunt to finance my lavish lifestyle, and then the planning can commence! Maybe I should call one of those numbers that are on the neon flyers left under my windshield wiper. They seem to know how to make quick money while allowing for flexible, part-time hours. I think I'm due for a good pyramid scheme.

That reminds me of the year after high school when I saw an ad for part-time work in the paper, and when I showed up to interview the job was selling knives basically door-to-door. Needless to say, I excused myself as soon as I could. I would be the worst salesman ever. Here's how I imagine the conversation going:
(knock, knock)
Homeowner: Hello?
Dave: Sorry to bother you, and you probably don't want these things anyway. They're kind of crappy, but maybe you like crappy knives? They cut stuff good...ummm...I'm selling stuff and...
Homeowner: (interrupting) I'm not interested.
Dave: No, I don't blame you. Thanks for your time. Sorry I wasted a bit of your day. You know what? Here's a free knife for your troubles. Yeah, just take it. It was good of you to open the door. (homeowner looks confused, but takes it from my hand as I scurry from their porch).

Next thing you know, I'm buying sets of knives to keep myself in business while losing money week-to-week.

Okay, I think that's all for today. However, you should all join me at 7:30 tonight in Isaacson Chapel (the seminary chapel) for a hymn sing! Come one, come all!

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