Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amy Grant, New Sheets, and Winter

Amy Grant's surging in the polls! I think it's the combination of "Tender Tennessee Christmas" and "Emm--anuel, Emm--anuel.....WONderfulCOUNselor....LORD of LIFE...Lord of ALL!"

I always thought Rahm Emanuel should have used this song: "Em---anuel, rahm (on the pick up note) Em--anuel ... WONderful CHIEF of staff...etc." His loss.

Last night I washed all of my blankets/duvet cover and put new flannel sheets on my bed, and I was seriously excited to call it a night and climb on in. It was so clean and warm and neat. I love how newly-washed bedding lays perfectly on the surface of the mattress, sitting flat and even without all of the annoying bunching or ink stains that plague my old sheets (I know, I could avoid this by writing in places that were meant to be writing stations - desks, tables, chairs, etc. - But there's something great about writing in bed; I can't explain it.).

On a similar note, I am still in awe of people who can fold fitted sheets. I don't get how it is done. For me, his mystery is right up there with how Stonehenge and the heads on Easter Island came to be. It's like a linen crop circle.

Yesterday was the first day I had to wear my under armour leggings/running tights while running. Winter is coming, as the Starks' would say (Game of Thrones reference, sorry). Yet, both of those names for this piece of clothing leave something to be desired. Leggings immediately bring to mind women who wear leggings in place of pants. "Running tights" for some reason makes me feel like I'm an 8 year-old girl playing dress-up. Spandex has its own etymological baggage too. If I'm going to run outdoors all year, I will need to purchase a face mask soon. As I say, if my Mom can run year-round in Hermantown and Breckenridge, I can too.

Does anyone else get a bit nervous when you sign-in to online banking? I always feel like I'm spinning the Wheel of Fortune or playing that game show, Press Your Luck, "Big money, no whammy, STOP!" Today I was pleasantly surprised by the amount. Maybe I can apply to all these grad schools after all!

Speaking of which, last night I finished the last of my essays for grad school applications! I can't tell you how glad I was to be done. Once they are proofread by a third-party, I will be sending those suckers in. That will be a good day indeed.

I love when you can find scientific data that backs up your lifestyle choices that you already have made. For instance, when I found out that new studies find it better not to stretch before running longer distances I thought, "Perfect! I never stretch!" Similarly, is this study about the health benefits of beer in moderation. Now, if someone can come out with a study that shows long-term health benefits of carbs, starch, and high fructose corn syrup consumption, I'll be well on my way to perfect health. Well, one out of three ain't bad:

These corn syrup commercials crack me up. And, of course, SNL's hyperbolic take on it:

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  1. Songs from your childhood. Weren't you the one making fun of your brother about being excited to go to sleep recently?