Monday, April 11, 2011

Transcribing Interviews, Birthers, and Long Runs

Things I learned while transcribing an interview I recorded for my history and theology of the Covenant paper:
1. I need to bring my laughter down a notch. I must have been over-eager to please because I am laughing often and hard whenever I'm given even the smallest opportunity.
2. I say, "umm," "like," and "just" much more than I thought/want.
3. I hardly ever finished a question. Here's an example of one of my so-called "questions":

"And that’s interesting because you included a few Ruth Duck (hymns): Lead On, O Cloud of Presence/Arise, Your Light Is Come" but kind of the, I mean, the Ruth Duck you included is kind of on the safe end, you know, she goes a lot further... ".

That's the end; I don't keep going. First off, there is no question in that rambling piece of word salad I tried to pass off as a sentence. Second, spit it out! Cut out the "I mean" and "you know" and ask a question! Third, don't simply trail off at the end like you are forgetting how to speak and don't know what to say.... (that was me trailing off)
4. Transcribing interviews takes forever and is extremely tedious. I think I spent about seven or eight hours doing it, and my mind is just now returning to reality. However, all my research is officially done, and tomorrow begins the writing of my last seminary paper!

Donald Trump sure is doubling down on this birther stuff. I think it's really going to really bring some credibility to the birther movement to have such a prestigious voice join the already stalwart group (Orly Taitz, Sarah Palin, etc.). I have to agree with Bill Cosby on this one. Roll the clip, Jimmy.

I don't know what I love more: Bill Cosby's honesty or how obviously uncomfortable Meredith Vieira is by his honesty. You can almost feel her anxiety level through the camera.

I accidentally put a pair of sweatpants on backwards today, and when I noticed (don't worry; it was ten seconds after), all I could think of was Kriss Kross. "The Mac Dad will make you jump jump/Daddy Mac will make you jump jump!" Oh, to live in the early-mid 90s again!

I've completed my last long run before the marathon! I've listened to many hours of books on tape, taken in the views of Chicago's lakefront, and cursed the drinking fountains that still aren't running. Come on, city of Chicago! If you have a day over 80, I think human decency and municipal hospitality requires that you turn on the water.

You know what I'm excited for? Loudon Wainwright III. Friday night. 10 p.m. Old Town School of Folk. Here's a beautiful song that you should all hear (yes, I have put this up before):

This inspired me to play some piano.

And this is a republican I may be tempted to vote for:

And I don't know why these are all off-centered. You'll have to deal with it. Later.

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