Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowver Exaggeration, Cubs Game, And Hailing Busses

Well, like everyone else in the Chicagoland area, I wasn't too excited to wake up and find snow on the ground. Yet, upon checking facebook, I do think some may be overreacting to it. We woke up with snow on the ground - not rivers of lava, nuclear waste in our water table, or wild boars tearing the city apart. This shouldn't make us question the notion of a loving God or why bad things happen to good people. Also, we know snow's days are numbered; spring is coming. So, I've decided at the snow and live in hope of the coming Spring. Man, this will preach! It has Easter themes written all over it!

That reminds me, someone once said it would take a lot more faith to be a Christian during Easter in Australia. It's not difficult to believe in resurrection as trees are blooming and colors are coming to life all around you; it takes faith to celebrate the resurrection as leaves are falling and things are growing progressively more brown.

I just got home from the Cubs game with Dominique. It was a great game with a walk-off triple in the bottom of the 10th. It was fun to watch Zambrano pitch a great game in person. "Hey Chicago, what d0 you say?/The Cubs are gonna win today." In better news, the Twins also won! I did wear my Mauer jersey to the game in a show of support, not that you could see it under the jacket and blanket. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it was very cold. It brought back memories of past cold sporting memories: playing football in the snow in International Falls, playing tennis with cap and gloves on - a cold wind so strong you had to throw your serve up sideways and let the wind bring it back to you, bundling up at Anna's softball games and making sure you brought a blanket to set on the cold metal bleachers. Now that I think about it, those are all fond memories for me. Begin psychoanalysis....NOW!

One of the things that amuses/confuses me is when people standing at bus stops hail the bus down like they're an oversized taxi. First, you're at a bus stop; they're going to stop. Second, if they are off-duty or not on your route, they are not going to see you raise your hand up and think, "You know what? I was going to pass them by, but now that they hailed me, I'll pick them up and just see where they're going." And if for some reason they were to stop regardless of being off-duty or not on your route, I would advise you not to get on that bus. That's how horror movies/children's fantasy novels start, and you wouldn't know which until it was too late. You'd end up either laughing with Tumnus in Narnia or screaming in Hannibal Lecter's basement while he cooks the fava beans and pours a nice chianti. It's 50/5o, but I still wouldn't take that bet.

The end of my Covenant history paper (aka my last seminary paper!) is fast approaching. Stay tuned for updates.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in. It's the little things in life. Speaking of the little things, I'm going to do a bit of reading in my bed. Later.

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