Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boardwalk Milly Avers, Politics, and Thesis

I had a dream last night that some older two-timing dude was cheating on my grandma with a lady named "Boardwalk" Milly Avers. Yes, she was known as "Boardwalk." Apparently Boardwalk Milly got the name because her frequent liaisons took place near the boardwalk-- of which Duluth has one:

In the dream, my grandma was not happy about it. I woke up in the middle of the night laughing about it, and just kept repeating the name over and over again so that I wouldn't forget it by the time I actually woke up in the morning.

So, of course I called her this morning to tell her. She laughed for a while, and then said, "I would tell him, 'So long, buddy!'" She's had a couple guys after her for a while; she's quite a hot commodity.

So, the government shutdown now seems to be coming down to Planned Parenthood funding. The year before an election you can always guarantee that either abortion or gay marriage will be used by the republicans (usually disingenuously, as it falls off the face of the earth once elections are over) to charge up the base. Who cares that under the Hyde Amendment federal funds cannot be used to fund abortions or that it also gets rid of Title X which provides much needed pre-natal care and testing for low-income women and families? Who cares that such a bill has absolutely no change of passing in the Senate and will undoubtedly lead to a shutdown? They're also trying to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency. We want this earth nice and polluted for the children.

Speaking of Republicans, do they have a strong candidate who can seriously run in 2012? This current crop looks kinda weak.

I had my last thesis meeting and got the fourth chapter approved! I will be defending April 29th. Now I need to do some edits and have it in my readers' boxes by next Friday. So, I am going to finish up this post and go make some edits. Happy Friday! Later.

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