Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Problematic Traits, Weather, and East of Eden

So, I've noticed this trait within myself, and I'm wondering what it says about who I am. I'll describe three examples of it before I try to describe it more generally.
1. So, every winter my skin gets super dry and itchy. I will suffer with it for two or three weeks before the thought to put lotion on my skin even crosses my mind. Once I put it on, the problem is solved. Why didn't I do that from the beginning?
2. It starts raining; I put my windshield wipers on. It stops raining; I leave my windshield wipers for 20 minutes without realizing it.
3. The weather warms up (like these past few days). I have trouble sleeping with the heat but still use my comforter. Finally, on the fourth night I sleep with a lighter blanket.

Do I just miss these details? Am I too used to getting along to realize that there are simple solutions to problems? Is it severe subconscious laziness? I'm not sure what this says about my personality, but feel free to psychoanalyze using the comments section below.

I don't like people who complain nonstop about the weather, but I will say that I am more than ready for the cooler weather that has been promised. I think maybe it's my religious upbringing, but hotter weather always makes me feel more penitential (I mean, not really). Also, I don't enjoy sweating when I have not exerted myself. Standing should not require sweating. Yesterday, at our first church league softball game, I ran the bases in the first inning, and I don't think I caught my breath until I was back in my car with the a/c on seven innings later.

I'm officially an East of Eden apologist. I just got to the part where Samuel Hamilton has an intervention with Adam Trask, and it's wonderful.

Right now I'm up at Covenant Harbor in Lake Geneva for our tri-annual Plan Worship for the Next Three Months Retreat. Get excited, ResCov community!

That's all for now. Plan on!

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