Saturday, June 18, 2011

Computer in Bed, Dreams, and Other Randoms

I woke up at 4 in the morning with arm curled around my computer holding it tight against my body like it was my significant other. No doubt there's many metaphors and jokes that could go along with that. It was also one of those nights where I had non-stop dreams throughout my sleep. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been real busy the entire night. It does not exactly leave one feeling well rested.

I think one of the most interesting parts of dreaming is how it can influence your waking feelings toward another person. For instance, a few months ago I had a screaming match with a professor in my dreams (a very nice one too!), and when I saw him at school I couldn't help but feel angry/resentful. I had to keep telling myself, "Dreams aren't real. That fight didn't happen. He doesn't know that you had an imaginary fight and will think its really weird if you start being rude or passive-aggressive." This week I had the opposite occur when one of my friends loyally stood up for me in a dream, and the next day I saw her and had nothing but feelings of goodwill towards her.

Well, I'm glad Anthony Weiner finally resigned. Nothing angers me more than someone who pretends to be passionate about issues of justice and charades as a feminist when they're in the legislative chambers and then turns out to be another creep when it comes to their own personal lives. Bill Clinton and John Edwards can also be added to that list. The Republicans should be so disgraced by Sen. David Vitter actual sex with prostitutes that they would also call for his resignation. I don't see that as likely however.

I just got back from Ingrid Johnson and Nathan Reep's wedding rehearsal! Tomorrow at this time they will be married and we'll be celebrating with them on the dance floor. Congratulations!

I just finished East of Eden again. The last three pages are about as beautiful as it gets, and I think Lee, the Chinese cook who lives with the Trask family, is one of my favorite characters in all of literature, although I do love Samuel Hamilton.

The last three days I have expended all of my social energy with large groups of people, so tonight I will be sitting in my apartment listening to music as I read and maybe watch a movie. Nothing sounds so wonderful.

And the Twins are only 8 games back after a terrible start, Mauer is back, and they are winning in the 9th tonight! That's all for now.

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