Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Blogging from Bjorlin Family Vacation - Arizona

Hello everyone. I'm writing you from Dolan Springs, Arizona where we have just begun our third full day. The place we are staying is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but that simply adds to its intrigue. The house is exactly what you would expect in the Southwest: flat-roofed, white stucco surrounded by joshua trees and inhabited by more jackrabbits than I've ever seen. We've also seen some salamanders, quail-like birds, and even a coyote. The interior of the house is also about what you would expect: large-tiled floors, expansive open spaces, one large wall painted red to remind you you're in the Southwest, and a bunch of Southwest kitsch. There are also a few unexpected parts of the interior like an indoor pool, three bathrooms, and the unexpected buddhist flare.

The flight here was pretty uneventful. I took Spirit airlines, which I think refers to the spirit of annoyance and discontent everyone shows when they find out they have to pay for everything before and during the flight. I would hate to be a flight attendant on one of those airlines having to explain that you have to pay for even water if you want anything to drink.

The first full day of the vacation we headed to the Black Canyons and went kayaking on a river that is part of the Lake Mead system. It was pretty stunning, and we all got a lot of sun. I think Anna, Peter, and I took the cake. Unfortunately, we forgot the honorary fifth Bjorlin sibling on vacations: Aloe Vera Bjorlin. She's been with us through many a pale-skinned vacation. Yet, we are surviving. In the afternoon we took a quick looksy at the Hoover Dam (we're going back for a tour today; all I can think about is Vegas Vacation: "I'm your dam(n) tour guide.") and headed back to the compound to make tacos and relax in the pool.

Yesterday's forecast was 112 degrees (don't give me that crap about dry heat), so obviously the Bjorlin family decided this would be a great day to go to the Valley of Fire, which is as hot as it sounds. The Valley of Fire is this amazing grouping of red rocks about 45 minutes north of Las Vegas where the Anasazi people lived until about the 12th century. It also has petroglyphs from the same time period that were pretty fascinating. We went on three short hikes to different destinations, and it was pretty scorching. I think the best part was listening to my brother complain with each progressive hike/step. By the last hike, two vultures were circling above him. They must have sensed his ebb in will to live.

By the time we were done, none of us had the energy to go on the Hoover Dam tour so we came home, barbecued dinner, and watched True Grit. I lasted about 25 minutes before I headed to my room to read and go to bed.

Today we slept in and are headed first to do the Hoover Dam tour and then to Las Vegas to stroll the strip before The Beatles' Cirque du Soleil show tonight! (side note: why does "Beatles" show up as a red-underlined spelling mistake? Don't you think the biggest band the world has ever seen would be programmed as a real word?). I'm trying to go into Vegas with an open mind because I have a feeling it could be slightly underwhelming/depressing to me.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Grand Canyon, Saturday to Flagstaff, and Sunday to Zion National Park! So, that's all for now. I may have to wait a while before the internet will function enough to publish this post; we'll see. Photos will follow once I can figure out how to upload them or my brother is able to upload them to Facebook. I know you will be waiting with baited breath.

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