Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Popeye's Wind, Libya, Retreats, and Nerdiness

There must be a North wind today because all I can smell outside is the grease from Popeye's, and it smells delicious. I'm not even a huge fan of fried chicken (unlike my mom-- she loves the stuff!).

An interesting point made by Jon Stewart on Monday night in reference to our intervention in Libya: "Wars aren't like kids where you don't have to pay attention to the youngest 'cause the older two will take care of it." I don't know what to make of the Libyan debacle. All I know, war and air strikes are never something to celebrate as a good.

This weekend is the senior retreat for graduates at the Seminary. I really can't believe that my time at the Seminary is winding down; it really has gone fast! Yet, as I told friends recently, I think I'm feeling like this transition is happening at just the right time. I'm not burned out or feeling senior-itis, and I'm also not gripping on to the seminary experience and wishing it wouldn't end. I am just ready. In high school, I wasn't ready (although I claimed I was); At CBC I wished my time away; and at North Park, I don't think I truly invested until my senior year. I guess it's good to get it right at some point!

Unfortunately, I forgot about the senior retreat when I bought a ticket to the John McCutcheon show at Old Town. If anyone wants a ticket, let me know (yes, I go to concerts alone).

I realized just how nerdy I was today when I decided/am excited to do my Covenant History paper on the lyrical alterations made in the Blue Hymnal. I want to see how many changes were made to update archaic language, make language gender-inclusive, and reflect theological truths that may be specific to the Covenant or specifically rejected by the Covenant (language of appeased wrath doesn't fly in the Covenant). I'm also going to look at the debates in hymnology over whether to make such changes or not. I think it will be very interesting. Alas, there was not enough information on David Nyvall's view of worship to write a substantive paper. So, today I'm going through the hymnal and listing all of the hymns with "alt." after the author's name denoting alterations made (wait a moment while I use my forefinger to push my sliding glasses up the bridge of my nose).

Okay, time to focus on the hymnal. Later.


  1. I think that's an AWESOME paper topic. But I'm nerdy too.

  2. Good Christian People Rejoice!