Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dreams I've Had Lately

So, I'm one of those people that dreams a lot at night. Usually it's nothing memorable or particularly out of the ordinary, but the last few nights I've had some real doozies. Here's the one from two nights ago:

So, this dream began in a living room with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Apparently I was having dinner with them, so Hillary was in the kitchen making dinner while Bill and I watched TV (lots wrong with that picture, hey? I don't picture Hillary making a lot of food in the kitchen while Bill sits and watches TV (nor should she)). The thing I remember is Bill asking me to turn from a football game to women's college volleyball. I recall thinking in my dream, "Does he really like the sport of volleyball, or does Bill just want to ogle co-eds in spandex?" I thought in my dream that based on his reputation, it was probably the latter. Although I got some good discussions in about the state of Northern Minnesota politics.

The next thing I recall, I am visualizing myself at the top of a precipice (this part gets confusing; I had to chart it out to explain it to my friends). Slowly, a vine-like substance begins to form and begins growing down into the abyss. It is branching out into ten different root systems, each root system then continues to branch out into more root systems. I follow one of these systems down, and at the very bottom an outdoor storefront with wide wooden planks washed out from sea salty wind has grown out of the bottom vine; it's like the kind you would see on the edge of a boardwalk or beach. Here's kind of an example of what I visualized:

The difference in this store is that it was part of a video game, and it served grilled food. This store was a beach-side restaurant game run by the cast of Super Mario Bros. It was at this point that I reentered the dream and had to become part of this game. The premise was pretty simple: keep the restaurant running. So, I began working the grill, serving food, making sure raw meat was replacing the cooked meat I was serving to the customers. The only problem was, every time I turned around to get raw meat, I would return to the grill and find most of the cooked meat gone. I could not keep up! For instance, I had to make a deal with one guy who wanted a piece of barbecued meat to take a barbacoa taco instead with the promise of a free piece of barbecue next time he came in. He was actually excited by the deal, and I realized sometimes as a successful business owner you have to make the customer happy even at a loss to yourself. Was that the moral of my dream? I don't know, but that's where the dream ended.

Well, Lent is almost upon us. I'm going to continue my tradition of giving up alcohol, and I'm also adding meat to the fast. I don't know how this will work, as I build most meals around what type of meat I eat, but it will be good to have to be more conscientious about where my food comes from and how much I take food for granted.

I know I put this up on facebook yesterday (and how facebook still gets underlined red as a spelling error is beyond me), but it's worth a blog shout-out. Here's Jon Stewart noting how crazy it is that some reporters from mostly the news-network-who-must-not-be-named think teachers are living high of the hog and need to be taken down a notch while a few months earlier crying about the thought of taxing those about $250,000 or putting salary limits for CEOs of those companies that took bailout cash from the taxpayers.

So, that's all. Time to go photocopy some music at the church. WOOO!


  1. if you want any vegetarian recipes, let me know!

  2. That video was great. Thank you, Jon Stewart!