Friday, November 23, 2012


I am currently sitting in bed at Bob and Bev Freeman's in West Hartford, Connecticut waiting for Andrew and his sister to wake up after their late night Black Friday spree yesterday (I stayed at home and judged from a distance). I'm also putting off getting up and going for a run, which after the gorging that took place yesterday might better be entitled, "roll." In my opinion, the Black Friday run is both the most needed and most dreaded run of the year.

Yesterday was a great time of eating, drinking, and being merry with the Freeman family. It was fun to have a bunch of kids running around (until one decided to throw herself down the stairs; I think it was a performance art protest against the consumerism of Black Friday, in which we throw ourselves down the stairs of consumerism and greed. (She was fine, which is why I can write this)) and served as a vision of future Thanksgivings in the Bjorlin family.

Things I am thankful for (lately):
1. Faith, family, friends, blah blah blah.
2. The community at Trinity Covenant Church for welcoming me into their church!
3. Internet shopping - the preferred method of shopping for recluses everywhere.
4. The Freeman family and their hospitality in inviting this Midwestern exile to their home.
5. Paying off my credit cards and feeling financially stable. I'm not even sure what to do sometimes when I don't have to do some creative accounting to pay all the bills (and pay for my lavish lifestyle obvs).
6. Ends of semesters that arrive, come hell or high water.
7. A plane ticket to Chicago on Dec. 18th and a ride to Minnesota thereafter.
8. Not putting my latest iPod in the washing machine for over a year. Apple's been wondering why its stock has been tanking...
9. Advent...duh.
10. Being able to listen to Christmas music without judgers judging.

Also, this is pretty funny.

Well, I'm going to go play some Super Smash Brothers Brawl. So, with that, may your days be merry and bright. Later. If you're going to shop this weekend, make good choices. May I suggest small business Saturday?

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  1. Oh no! Was that Hannah? I always knew she was counter-cultural.