Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chicago, Not Impressed, and City of God

So, I'm in the midst of reading a novel, and last night the characters were driving into Chicago. This is how it is described: "Chicago happened slowly, like a migraine. First they were driving through countryside, then, imperceptibly, the occasional town became a low suburban sprawl, and the sprawl became the city." First, such a great description of that drive. Second, it probably shouldn't, but it makes me very nostalgic for Chicago. In that same vein, I will be back in Chicago a month from today. WOOO! And then MINNESOTA to meet the newest member of the family!!

Okay, I know it's poor form to brag on your blog, but I have to tell someone that I finally finished St. Augustine's City of God! Coming in at almost 1100 pages, I've been working at it piecemeal for over a year now. Turns out (spoiler alert!), Augustine was dead the whole time! I did not see that Shyamalanian twist coming. Also, for some reason, I always sing the title to the tune "The Wizard and I," who nows why. "Held in such high esteem,/ when people see me they will scream/for half of Oz's favorite TEEaam, "the City of GOD!" Bum  bum bum bum        bum       bum

And if you don't think this is kind of funny, check your pulse:

Also, I finished my second paper, which will make my Thanksgiving infinitely more relaxed and enjoyable. I'm pretty happy about it, but I am know having a difficult time motivating myself to do anything but blog.

And here's some inside footage of Karl Rove after the election:

I think that was me in 1996 or after any of my sports teams lost (personal or state-wide) between 1989-1998. It ended in 1998 in the NFC championship game when Gary Anderson missed the field goal, the Vikings lost, and my soul was crushed to such an extent that I could no longer feel sorrow or pain.

When will I be at an institution that no longer engages in the archaic practice of library fines? I'm a graduate student not Scrooge McDuck! (Don't give me that personal responsibility talk either; this is my uncontrollable vice, and I think it's a fairly tame one).

Okay, I'm now at my new favorite coffee shop and need to actually get some work done today (reading day!), so I bid you adieu, adieu, to you and you and you. Later.


  1. Good stuff! And oh boy is your niece a cutie.

  2. I'm afraid a rash of library fines always follows me around too...