Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Few Days of School

Well, I've had my first day of classes (Tuesday), and I think it went pretty well. For example, after I got home, I did not go home and rock in the fetal position singing "Jesus Love Me." Tomorrow will be the real test because after 4 p.m., I will have had all my classes and will be experiencing the most acute syllabi shock. I might take a preemptive xanax to smooth it all out (joke). My class on Tuesday was the Trinity and the hymnody with Karen Westerfield Tucker and Carl Daw (whose hymn "As We Gather at Your Table," we sang on Sunday at Trinity). It's a pretty great class already. I found out that in past classes they used the Covenant blue hymnal as their neutral hymnal of choice (mostly methodists in the seminary/class).

In related news, to prove that I'm entirely nerdy, I purchased as leather soft-cover brown hymnal on ebay this past week. I better keep a low profile about it, or I'll have to (figuratively) beat the women off with a stick.

So, I have to say I'm pretty excited about the beginning of the football season (which I am watching as I type). Sunday I will be joining other Vikings fans at 1 p.m. (a great time for pastors; how many first quarters was I deprived of as a child waiting for my dad to stop glad-handing and gabbing and do his fatherly duty by driving us expeditiously home?) at a local Cambridge bar to watch the game with others in style. It reminds me of the Minnesota bar that Marshall goes to on "How I Met Your Mother." Hopefully it will be as folksy and friendly. I'm hoping for 5 wins, but maybe that's too optimistic.

Well, Colbert's new opening montage is pretty great:

I have sent out about 25 emails for Craigslist apartments/rooms and have gotten about 10 responses back: 2 to tell me they're filled, 2 legitimate, and 6 from missionaries in various parts of the world who just need me to send them the money first because they're too busy serving Jesus to find a realtor. To them, I shake the dust off of my feet and wish I was better with computers to send them a Christian-themed virus. It wouldn't install 7 viruses, but 70 times 7 viruses giving the viruses abundant life. If you know any legitimate people in Boston who are renting, let me know!

Also, David Bjorlin - 1, Boston Transit - 0. I owned it on Tuesday. One hour bus trip there and back (dropping me off and picking me up right outside the Boston University School of Theology) and only $3 to do it! Not to mention I can read away to my heart's content on the way in and out. So, thinks are looking pretty good for the next few weeks. If I can get through tomorrow without obsessively washing my hands while singing Lina Sandell hymns, we'll call it a success! Later!

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