Friday, September 7, 2012

Bus Fails, Convention Coverage, and BC

So, I wonder if bus drivers feel like they've failed when they're running back-to-back with another bus on the same route. This occurred today, except we were sandwiched between two busses of the same route. This is the worship pastor equivalent of realizing you have written "the risen lie of Christ" instead of the "the risen life of Christ" (which happened in our Easter Vigil bulletins and resulted in some furious edits with a fine-tip pen. Speaking of which, how does anyone write with anything besides the Precise V5? Anything else feels like I'm writing with a blunt object dipped in a puddle of ink. Am I right, Jeff? (even though you always accused me of stealing yours).

One thing that amuses me is how everyone who speaks at these conventions seems to want to prove that they had it rough growing up. "I was raised a feral child by a pack of rabid wolves, eating nothing but grub worms until 14. My first job was at 7 years-old as a chimney sweep. I was the broom wrapped in cotton and feathers and shoved in the dirty chimney. And as I slid between the grimy bricks, I knew that I would spend the rest of my life working for the public good. So, walking barefoot in the middle winter to DC, I came to the capital committed to change this country. My first few years I lived off of old newspapers and cigarette butts living in various dumpsters, but I worked my way up to the senate and am here today to change the way politics is done in the United States!"

I just have to say, Biden brought it last night. He was made for sticking to a teleprompter and letting his emotions go (in that order). However, I think the rah-rah USA stuff gets a little overboard, especially when talking about killing people. Also, I might have a policy crush on Elizabeth Warren. She seems to have the kind of fan base of a Paul Wellstone type. I spent the rest of the evening watching Obama's speech (who also brought it) and reading Hittite, Egyptian, and Babylonian prayers/songs/psalms. Jealous?

I also had my first class at Boston College today (Jewish liturgy). My impression of the campus: large, ornate, hilly (my calves were burning from all those stairs! If the staircase had started moving, I would have sworn I was at Hogwarts), and rich...really rich. Thursdays are my busy day with Psalms in the morning and Jewish Liturgy in the afternoon. By the time I was on my way home, I wasn't sure whether I was going to fall asleep or burst into tears on the bus. I was just so sick of being around people and roaming around places I didn't know. They should make a sound-proof cocoon that you can bring on public transit. Granted, this may make one look like Hannibal Lecter or at least the bus driver giving you a referral to a local psychiatrist.

Today I'm hopefully checking out my first possible apartments and the two roommates that live there. Fingers crossed they're not crazy!

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  1. I would like to start every day reading a new blog post of yours, mostly so I can steal your opinions and claim them as my own.

    Work on that, please.