Thursday, August 30, 2012

My First Day of (dis)Orientation!

Well, today was a full day of (dis)orientation at BU. It involved a breakfast (read awkward conversation over pastries and orange juice), financial aid seminar, a BU student life overview, a Ph.D./Th.D. luncheon, and a meeting with my advisor all finished up with a reception at a swanky hotel nearby. The day was a bit frustrating as I kept finding myself turning into registration dead ends. I couldn't get a BU student ID until I registered; I couldn't register for class until I met with my advisor; I couldn't check out a book from the library until I had a BU student ID. It was cyclical frustration. I could tell I was starting to go downhill when I had the almost irresistible urge to stand up and yell, "Shut up!" to the girl who kept asking questions only pertaining to her during one of the last workshops. It turns out a financial aid workshop can really get my blood boiling.

Also, in between these meetings I had to drop my dad off at the airport. This was fine until I headed to the hotel for the reception and found that there was no parking. So, I had to drop $20 for valet parking at the hotel in order to go to the reception. Let's just say I was determined to eat $20 worth of prosciutto, grilled vegetables, and fried goat cheese balls to make the evening worthwhile. I think this gave me that extra touch of class that I needed for the evening. ("Oh, so you're from Maine? Cool. Would you excuse me while I pile large portions of meat on my very small plate?")  Also, I thought when I got to mainline seminaries/universities they would begin serving alcohol at receptions. Apparently I need to keep going to the episcopalians or Catholics in order to get booze.

So, I did end up registering for classes today. I know you're all dying to hear what I'm taking, so I'll just tell you: liturgical methodologies, the Psalter, Sung Faith (on hymnody and the Trinity which is like a dream course they designed for me), and either American Evangelicalism from Jonathan Edwards to Jerry Falwell or the History of Sacred Music at Harvard (you better believe I'm getting a sweatshirt and telling people that I did some doctoral work at Harvard for the rest of my life).

Tomorrow I am opting out of another day of orientation (which includes an afternoon of service, officially making me a bad person) and sleeping in before heading up to New Hampshire to visit Amy and Andrew Daigle for the weekend! I can't tell you how excited I am to catch up with these former ResCovers/Chicagoans!

Now, I just finished watching the Republican National Convention and decided it would be better for my blood pressure if I just shut it off. This occurred after the U.S. Olympians implied that Romney saved the US by helping get the Olympics back on track. So, I'm going to try and get some serious sleep tonight. Later!


  1. Dave! I love that you are already keeping us all posted on your new adventures. DREAM CLASS! Just reading that sentence got me excited for you, and I was saying to myself, "That's Dave's dream class!", before I got to your conclusion. And you are totally justified in a Harvard sweatshirt! You have to send me your temp address, I have something for you we wanted to give you before you left. I came to hear your last sermon, but had to leave for work before I got to hug you good-bye. Have fun tomorrow--when do real classes start?

  2. "Oh, so you're from Maine? Cool. Would you excuse me while I pile large portions of meat on my very small plate?"

    I miss you. And I wasn't even in your same city. And we don't even have much of a relationship to speak of outside the internet. But I still miss you! You're a gem, Dave, and I, too, am thrilled that you're taking your dream class.

  3. I can just imagine you at that reception justifying your parking. I would have done the same. Why do they have to give such small plates!?