Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beantown or Bust!

So, my first full day in Boston has come to an end, but I want to take you back over the last couple days because it's been quite a trip.

Sunday. A beautiful service at ResCov with a sermon that ran a little long as I kept deciding to say everything I was thinking...sometimes more effectively than others. And yes, the last half of the service was pretty much spent on the verge of tears or full-fledged crying...especially the liturgy of sending at the end. Then, the ResCovers exceeded my expectations with their hotdish potluck. I have to say, ResCov in general knows how to have a potluck. They had very kind words to say, and it was both meaningful and difficult to say goodbye. I love this picture (credit: Natalie Mendez):

After my red-eyed nap, I picked up a Uhaul and packed it in the rain all Sunday afternoon, which did wonders for my general melancholy spirit. Next, my dad got in and we did some more packing in the rain. Monday we drove 14 hours; 14 of these hours were in the rain - some drizzling, some downpour. Again, this does wonders for the mood. The night was capped off by a stay in Binghamton, which, I apologize if you're from there, was one of the more depressing towns I've been to. The hotel was sketchtastic. The sheets were less than ideal, the TV was an ancient Apex that I basically had to kickstart to get going, and the continental breakfast should have been in quotes. If that's a continental breakfast, I do not want to live on that continent nor break my fast.

Anyway, the next day went well. We dropped off all the stuff at a Uhaul storage, my dad lost his glasses, and then we had to conveniently drop the trailer off at a different Uhaul because this one already had too many trailers. This trip affirmed everyone's warning about driving in Boston, but it got finished.

Finally, we got to the Bouris household, which has been absolutely wonderful. It is very nice to be in a town and feel like you have people to help you get your bearings, point you in the right direction, and teach you how to say the names of all of these unphonetic Boston suburbs.

Anyway, today was also an adventure. We went down to BU, talked to my former NPTS professor (and now BU professor) Phillis (Woo!), and then decided to walk the Freedom Trail. This morning I went for a run that was basically all uphill, and I began to notice that the top of my foot/ankle was sore. By the time we were halfway through the walk, I couldn't do it anymore it was hurting so bad. So, my dad continued the walk (I think more because he wanted to get a cannoli at Mike's Pastries) and I took the T back to Boston Common. By the time I got home, I had to borrow a cane to go out for dinner because I literally couldn't put weight on it. I felt like quite the cool cat and thought of adding a top hat and a long cigarette with a cigarette holder so I could embrace the eccentricity and become the "weird kid" at orientation. Anyway, now it is late, and I need to sleep (and ice my ankle). Tomorrow is orientation, which includes a walking tour...just to stick it to me. It still feels like vacation, so I'm doing fine emotionally. I think when I get my syllabi and start the grind I'll begin my cryptic facebook cries for help. Something to look forward to!


  1. Dave that is my running life out here. It is SO hilly but once you can do it it's wonderful to run hills. And yes my foot always hurts in that spot too it's from hills.

    Word on feeling like you're on vacation and what IS with places like Worcester, all the towns with -ton, -town, -bury, and -bourough.

    Hope to see and debrief easy coast-isms soon!

  2. I can't even look at that picture. Too sad.

    I am so sorry I couldn't get it together to see you before you left. There were so many things going on that weekend... and then I got strep throat. Awesome. If you've never had strep throat, it actually has little to do with your throat and more to do with migraines and chronic nausea, in case you were wondering.

    I have a little something to send you. When you have a moment- and when you have an address- could you send it to me?

  3. Ah Dave, don't worry. When the going gets tough, you can always rely on the ever magnanimous northeast hospitality. Don't be discouraged if you don't recognize it at first...

  4. "cryptic facebook cries for help"... you're hilarious