Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jar Jar, New Computer, and First Paper

Last night I watched Star Wars: Phantom Menace for the first time probably since it came out. Again and again, I was amazed thinking of the number of people who must have assented to both the existence of one Jar Jar Binks. He is a truly horrible character that says nothing beyond cliches and nonsense. Did they really all sit around and watch the edits and think, "You know what would make this scene perfect? We should have Jar Jar come in, say something stupid, and fall on his face. Does that sound good to everyone?" There's a point in the movie when young Anakin Skywalker saves Jar Jar from assured death at the hands of a trader of one kind or another, and I think of all the things that Anakin/Darth Vader did in his life, this might have been his most profound work of stupidity and evil.

I think I'm going to buy a computer today. I know I'm going to get a new one for school, so why not just go out and buy the thing? Plus, I am starting to develop an irrational hate for pinwheels, the perfect sign of your life slowly swirling down the drain while you wait for your computer to accomplish the simple task you have commanded. Actually, I think I'm going to go right now and buy that thing.

Okay, I'm back. I have successfully bought a new MacBook Pro (with student discount plus $100 to spend at iTunes/Apple apps) and also transferred all my info from the old computer to the new. All of this, and I just received David James Duncan's The River Why in the mail. It's a pretty good day in the Bjorlin household.

In other news, last week I turned in my first official paper for my Th.D./Ph.D. program. I'm taking an independent study methodology class that will officially be counted in the fall, but I can do as many of the papers (7 in all) beforehand during the summer and take some pressure off my class load in the fall. If you don't know, this is my dream come true. So, one paper and three books down, 6 papers and 11 books to go!

Also, congratulations to Brian and Alissa Holmertz who got married this weekend in Green Bay (I don't know if a WI license is good in the rest of the US; we'll keep our fingers crossed). It was a beautiful wedding for two great people. Also, I stayed at Aloft in Green Bay, and I have to say I was impressed that such a trendy hotel existed in Green Bay. Okay, I'm going to spend the rest of the evening either reading The River Why or watching West Wing. Later.


  1. The best description of Jar Jar Binks I've ever heard was something to the effect of, "he was created to be funny by someone who doesn't understand humor. They might assume falling on your face or saying something wrong is funny and then give those characteristics to Jar Jar, but this is in fact not funny at all." (From "The People vs. George Lucas")

  2. So you'll probably have your class work done before the class starts, am I right?