Friday, January 2, 2009

Caroline Kennedy: No For Senate

I'm sure Caroline Kennedy is great.  I'm sure she is a knowledgeable and amiable woman.  However, I think it would be a mistake for her to take Hillary Clinton's senate seat for a number of reasons.

1.  The United States is not a monarchy.  Caroline should not be entitled to anything because of her last name.  We already have found out the hard way that not everyone with the same last name as a previous senator or president is fit to be a senator or president...exhibit A:
And while it is bad enough that these dynasties exist, to simply hand someone untrained and untested a position like this without so much as an election where she will have to debate opponents is not wise.

2.  She will face a tough reelection challenge.  If she is appointed, she will have to face an opponent at some point, and I don't see her doing very well 

3.  What do we know about her views?  What has she shown us?  She hasn't held a job in years, why trust her to be a leader in the Senate?  Is she a centrist? leftist? pacifist? hawk?  

4.  Um...You know...

Where have I seen a verbally-challenged person appointed to a position that they are unqualified for?  Exhibit B:

Granted, I think Caroline Kennedy would be much better than exhibit B, I think we should appoint someone who is qualified in their own right, not simply because they were born in Camelot.

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