Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First Semester in the Books!

So, as of today (well, actually yesterday evening at 5!), I am officially done with my first semester! Yesterday I took a German final from 10-12, had class from 12:30-5, and then skipped out of that building singing, "Schooooools out for December" (obviously to the tune of Alice Cooper's "School's Out"). Now I can turn in the library books (anyone have a forklift I can borrow?), recycle a ream of paper, and start singing Christmas songs in earnest! I am still struggling with PASD (post-academic stress disorder) and feel like I'm being really lazy by blogging and watching Two Towers right now, but these side effects pass with time. Plus, there is something deeply satisfying about getting to remind yourself that you in fact don't have anything you need to do. It's kind of like a programmed cell phone alarm going off in the morning and then realizing it's Saturday, and you don't actually have to get up.

So, I just finished Erik Larson's Devil in the White City, which is a book about Chicago during the Columbian Exhibition (world's fair) in 1893. The book has two main story lines: one looks at the architectural wonder that was the exhibition (following Burnham, Olmsted, et al) and the other following a serial killer whose murders took place in Chicago during this same time. Honestly, I could have gone without all of the serial killing (I listened to it on audiobook and made liberal use of the fast-forward button, which I'm pretty sure is not actually what you call that button on an iPod), but I found the story of the fair's building fascinating. I mean, can you picture this in Chicago near the Museum of Science and Industry (one of the only buildings from the fair still standing):

Also, it made me really excited to head to Chicago on Monday!!! I'm going to eat a Lou Malnati's hot dog pizza with giardiniera and Garrett's popcorn on top with a Half Acre while riding the el to the top of the Hancock building to watch the Bulls Sox battle against the Cub Hawks. And THEN I get to go to God's country to see my family and meet my niece(s) (it will be nieces if Anna would quit being lazy and start pushing already).

Also, where has Freaks and Geeks been all my life, and how did I not know that every post-2000 TV/movie star seems to be in it? It's like an edgier Wonder Years without the Daniel Stern voiceovers, young Marilyn Manson [sic], and 60s-early 70s social commentary.

Here's my Christmas recipe for the holiday season:
-Go to Trader Joes
-Buy the Astounding Multi-Flavor Joe-Joe's
-Drive Home
-Take out of cellophane
-Pour one glass of low-fat milk
-Try not to eat all of them in one sitting

You're welcome.

I wish the Pope's first tweet had been something like, "Cardinal George was totz crazy last night, LOLZ." That would be worth following.

One thing I've noticed in New England (at least in the Boston area) is that gas pumps do not have the hold open latch that allows you to pump without actually holding the pump handle the whole time. What's next? Are you going to make me refine the crude oil too? I've started using my wallet as a makeshift lock, which I'm sure is both safe and sanitary.

Anyway, I'm going to finish watching Two Towers and maybe take a nap. Ahhh...livin' the dream. Later.

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  1. The doctor said today that his gut feeling is I'll have the baby before that's good right? But I suppose it all depends on my gut..literally