Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wisconsin, Ordinary Time, and Wasabi

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Well, today Wisconsin has a chance to redeem themselves. Maybe if things go right, I won't complain the next time I have to drive through your state (see, I even avoided using a nasty adjective like "god-forsaken," "backwater," or "sinkhole" before "state" (hyperbole, of course. Many parts of Wisconsin are beautiful, just not many on I-90)). The choice is yours, Wisconsin; choose wisely. At least the Huffington Post put this all into perspective: "'Epic Battle' Tearing Friends, Families Apart." I believe you are referring to the Civil War, not to a recall election of a state governor. No southern boy is putting on the union blues and marching with Lincoln's army to face his brothers at Shiloh. Not to mention, it's all under the larger heading, "JUDGMENT DAY."

Also, Jill Biden hints that Joe Biden might run for president in 2016. Can we all agree that that's a bad idea? I think we might be able to unite the country around that!

How is it already ordinary time again? I feel like I was just complaining about being in the 947th week of ordinary time, and here we are right back where we started from. Although, I will say it is nice to have a little breathing room on liturgical planning...but it's a little sad I will celebrate no more feast days with the ResCov community.

I am convinced you taste wasabi first with your sinuses (That comment is a direct result of: a) going out for sushi with my parents and b) my mom leaving a Trader Joe's trail mix called "Wasabi Wow!" at my house when she left).

I don't want to jinx it, but the Twins have won 3 in a row and there last 6 of 7. I'm just sayin'. It gives me the creeps that the Royals are not at the bottom of the AL Central. If we can't count on that in this world, what can we count on?

August is fast approaching, and I am trying to get in all the things I will miss about Chicago. For you Chicagoans, what is one thing you miss or would miss about the city? Also, what is one thing (maybe a little less popular; don't tell me Millennium Park or something ridiculous like that) you recommend all Chicagoans do? Okay, church work time. Later!


  1. Sunrise with coffee at one of the beaches. Hot Dougs for some Duck Fat Fries.

  2. You absolutely MUST go to the Cheesecake Factory!