Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Softball Opener, Chaplaincy, and Srengthsfinder

Well, softball season has started. Yesterday we had our first game against the Ravenswood Damens (the defending champions), and we were shown why they are the defending champions (12-2 was the final score). The good news is we were missing a lot of people and not playing our best softball. And I think you are officially old when you are sore the day after playing slow pitch softball. I got up today and could feel it in my hips, and, as we all know, my hips don't lie.

In other news, I will be starting chaplaincy training Friday at Evanston. This is both exciting and a bit nerve-racking, although I am surprisingly calm about the whole thing. I think because I have to do it there's no real choice and therefore no nervousness if that makes any sense (both the idea and that sentence with no punctuation). My biggest concern is having enough business clothes to wear each day. I guess if worse comes to worst you just switch out ties on the ole' suit.

For those of you who don't know, Thursday there will be a hymn sing at the seminary at 8:30. You should all come. Who doesn't love a good hymn sing (I mean, I know a lot of people don't, but they should!).

For my birthday, my brother bought me Strengthsfinder 2.o, which is a type of personality test. For those of you who know what it means, my top characteristics were:
1. context (mainly, a desire to put ministry and life into historical context)
2. input (likes to receive input of information)
3. empathy
4. adaptability
5. achiever

I don't know how much weight I give this (I'm still more of an enneagram fan...maybe because I'm the crown jewel as a 9), but it was still interesting to take it. And, as guessed, my brother and I are almost complete opposites on this (as well as any other measurable or imesurable scale).

Well, I'm going to go play tennis with Matt and then watch the Blackhawks game. It should be a good time!


  1. I was just looking at my test results on this today. I also had adaptibility as one strength.

    The print-out report that includes suggestions for leveraging strengths is quite helpful. With our adaptibility strength, we are supposed to confer with 'activator' personalities.